MCPAA Member WEBSITE Password Request Form

NOTE: The password to open the latest version of our membership directory (the PDF file) is not the same password that is used to access the members-only website.

Current members (dues paying, honorary and lifetime) may obtain their own personal members-only website login name and password by filling in and submitting this request form. Once you have your password approved, you do not need to request another one as it will continue to work for you each time you want to access the members only area.

Your password will not be active immediately even though you will automatically receive a reply email verifying your request has been sent. Later, a second email telling you that your request has been approved and you are good to go wil be sent to you.

Your login name will be your own email address (xxx@yyy.zzz format). If you change your email address, you can continue to use your previous one for your login name, or you can check the box below to simply update your address and keep the same password.

You will create your own password. It must include at least 8 characters and no spaces. It must include at least one each of the following four types:

At least 1 symbol - ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) + = / ? < >
At least 1 number - 0 through 9
At least 1 capital letter - A through Z
And at least 1 small letter - a through z

Must include at least one symbol such as: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ = + / ?

Your request will not become effective until you receive a second emailed confirmation from Bob Philo.